A completely unique
and revolutionary
deep-AI layer.

Our vision is a world-class, neurosymbolic
computational approach for solving hard problems.

Semantic Radar™

≐ Fast Performance

Graphstax harnesses the power of graph-analysis techniques using a hybrid of logical and statistical approaches. Similar products summon DeepMind and OpenAI.

∻ Enterprise Solution

Access unparalleled insight in complex networks; drug discovery, navigation, financial applications, and more. Graphstax runs on top of any topography.

∋ Leaders & Pioneers

We build & sell deep-tech solutions to the largest, most demanding organizations on the planet. Our scientists and engineers patent and publish.

≫ Excellent Results

Graphstax topped the Tox21 leaderboard with a neurosymbolic computational layer that can solve problems 10x faster than traditional ML approaches.

Semantic Radar™

Semantic Radar™

A radar for cyber domains

Combining the best of both the learning capabilities of matrix graph theory integrated with graph convolutional neural networks and symbolic representations.
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GraphStax is a startup company currently in stealth with an entirely new kind of engine that directly takes full advantage of both artificial intelligence and machine learning in neural and symbolic systems.
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